Die 360° Selbst-Tracking Erfahrung von Withings, von Fabian M. [DE]

We just established another partnership with a great mobile fitness tracking service : Gym Technik. This fitness app is compatible with almost every Smartphone on the market (BlackBerry, web enabled iPhone, Symbian and Android Handset).

Furthermore, Gym Technik offers numerous services. You can:
  • Set up your workout routines online. 
  • Use your Smartphone as a daily workout journal. 
  • Access pre-planned workouts. 
  • Optimize your workouts thanks to the exercise library. 
  • Keep track of your efforts and your body progress. 
  • Upload before / after photos. 
  • And many more. 
Now, when stepping on your Withings scale, your body weight, body fat percentage, and BMI stats will automatically be sent to your Gym Technik account. You have no more excuses not to practice!  :)
If you already have a Gym Technik account, find out here how to link it with your Withings scale.


Jean-Luc Ranaivoarivao

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