Commenting your weight graph

We’ve recently introduced a new feature in the dashboard that allows you to comment your weight graph.

Thanks to this feature you’ll be able to

  • keep track of the special moments in your life that can impact your weight graph : starting a new diet, starting a fitness activity, etc…
  • keep track of what you ate on the day of your weigh-in
  • register whatever else you want to monitor
Then while moving along your graph your comments will be displayed as follows :

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  • Agnès C

    Bonjour, bravo pour le blog. Merci de me dire s'il est possible de lire le blog en français ? Bien cordialement.

  • Nico

    Bonjour Agnès,
    A priori, le blog ne devrait être disponible qu'en anglais.

  • Agnès C

    Dommage !

  • James

    It would also be good if users could independently select their units. e.g. my wife is more comfortable with St Lb's and I am more comfortable with Kg. Currently it's possible to change the units but this is reflected on all user data – not just one user.