Withings on BlackBerry, Android and Symbian with Gym Technik!

We just established another partnership with a great mobile fitness tracking service : Gym Technik. This fitness app is compatible with almost every Smartphone on the market (BlackBerry, web enabled iPhone, Symbian and Android Handset).

Furthermore, Gym Technik offers numerous services. You can:
  • Set up your workout routines online. 
  • Use your Smartphone as a daily workout journal. 
  • Access pre-planned workouts. 
  • Optimize your workouts thanks to the exercise library. 
  • Keep track of your efforts and your body progress. 
  • Upload before / after photos. 
  • And many more. 
Now, when stepping on your Withings scale, your body weight, body fat percentage, and BMI stats will automatically be sent to your Gym Technik account. You have no more excuses not to practice!  :)
If you already have a Gym Technik account, find out here how to link it with your Withings scale.

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  • //Harri

    All Android functionality is welcome!

  • Queen of Sheba

    Not impressed by this! To access the basic Withings measurements (BMI, lean body mass,etc) you have to pay for a Premium membership. After paying for the Withings scale itself I expect full access to my information without having to buy anything else.

  • Pyro-X

    what i would love is a native android application like the one for the iPhone… i just want to take the graphs with me… not more! like the iPhone one.

  • takeAchance

    Dear Concerned,
    Hi, am a student, pursuing the Master of Computer Application. I gone through your iPhone application, where I found the zoom in/out functionality. Well as part of the project, I need to implement the graph which has progressive zoom in/out functionality on iPhone device. So can you please show me the path to achieve that functionality. Your technical guidance will surely help me out.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Jeanne

    @Harri @Pyro-X @Queen of Sheba We are taking your suggestions into consideration and will keep you posted about a native Android app.

    @takeAchance Could you contact us by email at contact-mkt(a)withings.com ?

  • takeAchance

    Dear Concerned,
    I had send an email, please guide me accordingly.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Joe

    Definitely looking for an Android version of Wiscale now that I migrated away from my iPhone.

  • KIm Loft

    count my vote on a Android app

  • Freigeist

    One more vote for an Android app!

  • wdb11

    Android app + 1

  • Rich Miner

    Gym Technik is a poor app and does not get great review. There are many more Android phones than iphones being sold everyday now according to all the public data out there. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A NATIVE ANDROID APP!

  • Jeanne

    @ Rich Miner I'm going to grant your wish. A native Android app is currently under development and should be ready in September :)

  • Frank2505

    i am also waiting for the android app! :-) is it possible to get a beta version?

  • Dakos

    Android app +2
    Good reason for open source right here – takeAchance/Zahur could answer his own questions and there would be 5 different Android apps out already..! (Of variable quality, natch)

  • Richard

    Considering to buy a Withings Scale too, but because there is no Android App I'll wait until next month… will it still be available in September?

  • Kevin.Smith

    I'm with you on this one Richard, I'll wait until September and the Android app before laying out cash for the scales.

  • Jurec

    Android +1

  • Jeanne

    A beta version of the Android app will be ready at the end of September !

  • SnadBoy

    The end of September is quickly approaching … just six more days. Any updated information on the Beta?

  • modestos

    android + 1!

  • josh-google

    I'm also interested in a android app. I'm more than happy to help with the beta.

  • Susi Cox

    I am so much interested in android mobiles, thanks for this.

  • Nik

    Needing that Android APP….

  • rw

    android +1

  • KIm Loft

    how is the Beta app coming along?

  • Julien

    I also moved away from my old iphones, and very happy with that. But I really need an app to support my scale now. Frustrating to wait so long. September is passed already and no more news about that android app… Common sales guys… Work harder ob communication if you want to keep existing and future customers…

  • Jeanne

    @Klm Loft : The beta version should be ready before the end of October.

    @Julien : Yes, sorry for the delay. We underestimate the time at it is our first on Android :) It's very long to develop an entire new app from the scratch

  • Jeanne

    The Android version is available! Everything is explained here : http://blog.withings.com/2010/10/new-android-app-test-wiscale-for.html

  • David Christensen

    Any chance you will be supporting the HTC sensation any time soon?

  • http://blog.withings.com/ Withings

    Hi David, for now only the Body Scale supports Android, as for the Blood Pressure Monitor, we are looking into the matter.

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