It’s now even easier to follow your weight trend!

As announced in the blog post about the iPad app, you can now display your moving average curve in your graph. It’s the white line that you can see below:

The goal is to extract the trend beneath all the daily variations. For instance, when you are weighing in twice a day, you get a lot of data and they can vary from a few hundred grams to 1.5 kilos. Therefore, it is easy to get lost and to be confused regarding the long term direction of your weight. The moving average helps you to see your global weight trend.

Its formula has two main principles. First, it attaches more importance to your former weigh-ins’ average, so that the daily measurements are wreathed. Second, it balances the weigh-ins that are really different from the global average, to reduce the impact of a onetime self-indulgence :-)

To activate / deactivate the moving average, click on the box on the right hand corner of your screen.

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  • Johnito

    This new curve is great ! It really cleans the global view by avoiding disturbing vartiations from a day or a week to another. But i really think this curve still can be improved:

    - Why not propose the same curve for body levels ? Bioelectrical impedance isnt exactly a perfect science, and an average curb might improve the way to present its results as well.

    - Why force users to see BOTH the average and straight curve at the same time ? In my opinion, it is a bit odd considering the average curb goal is to provide the same informations in a cleaner view …
    But if you thinks this possibility has to stay, a good idea could be to give one more clic option to the button(1 clic -> average curb | 2 clics -> average curb + daily curb)

  • John

    Very nice — One problem I had previously was exactly data overload as I tend to weigh myself every day.

    This new feature is much appreciated — in fact I really appreciate the constant stream of inputs & improvements you guys roll out. Thanks!

  • ftischhauser

    I completely agree with Johnito, please add the same feature to all the curves :)

  • varneydance

    Thank you for implementing this moving average!
    However, there are an issue with the way the MA is implemented.
    The moving average, as implemented in the Hackers Diet, or on, is a exponential moving average of the number of days measurements, assuming one measurement per day.

    Your implementation seems to be an exponential moving average of the number of readings. Therefore, if someone takes 5 measurements on the last day, the trend line is skewed.
    Perhaps a moving average of the lowest measurement of the day, averaged day by day would be better?

    If I am wrong in this evaluation, then I apologize. Thank you for all your hard work and innovation!