Discover the Withings scale white edition

Great news ! The Withings scale exists now in two colors. After the black edition, discover the white Withings scale! We have tested over seven different tinges to find the right one. For the moment, the white edition is available in Europe only.

The white edition offers the same services than the black one. As some of you asked, you can now choose the scale that fits to your bathroom or bedroom colors. More information on our website.

So, which color is your favourite?

And here is the Official Press Release

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  • Justin Stevens

    It looks beautiful! =) How soon will the new White Edition scale be available to buy?

    Twitter: justinstevens

  • Jeanne

    @ Justin In mid-October :)

  • Chidi

    Still no Android app? Its the only thing stopping me from picking up a Withings scale today.

  • Jeanne

    The Android app is a bit delayed. It will be ready by the end of October

  • BillR

    Will the white version be available in the US by the mid-October, or just in Europe?

  • Jeanne

    @BillR The white edition is already on the market in Europe. And it will be available in the US by mid-October. Am I clear enough? :)

  • BillR

    Jeanne, Perfectly clear, thanks :) I won't have to contact my European friend now… lol.

  • Neill

    Are they still on track for releasing the Android at the end of this month?

  • Jeanne

    Yup, we will give a link to download the beta version before the end of the week :)

  • Jeanne

    The Android version is available! Everything is explained here :