Cutest Baby Photo Contest: 3 Wireless Scales at stake!

For September, we have prepared a “Cutest B@by Photo Contest” for the many users of the Smart Baby Monitor.


Think your baby is the cutest on Earth? :) Enter our “Cutest B@by Photo Contest” for a chance to win one of the 3 Wireless Scales at stake!

1. Take a photo of your baby, next to a Smart Baby Monitor. You may also take a photo of your baby using the screenshot function of the WithBaby app.

2. Email us the photo at:

3. We’ll upload the photos to a dedicated board on
Pinterest so you can repin them. 

4. The 3 persons whose photos have been repinned the most win a Wireless Scale!



Details of the photo contest
- Photo submissions: you have until Thursday 27th 2012 to submit your photo (12AM Central European Time).
- Pinning frenzy: from Friday 28th until October 5th 2012 (12AM C.E.T.).
- Results will be announced in the following week.
- Three Wireless Scales (WS-30) will be sent out to the winners mid-October.

The WS-30 is the next generation of connected scales

What makes this Wireless Scale so special compared to the other Withings connected scales? Click here to find out!


Here are the 3 of the first submissions!

Photo: Thomas Linhardt

Photo: Isabelle Morasse (taken with the WithBaby app!)


Photo: Tom Stukel


Some more photos of cute babies!

Photo: Kathrin Eingrüber

Photo: Janine-Jessner

Photo: Janine-Jessner

Photo: Elijah Nicolas


Photo: Thomas Linhardt

Photo: Hellen Small

Photo: Hellen Small

Photo: Hellen Small




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  • Tom Stukel

    Just looking for a little clarification…Did you want the a photo of the baby and the monitor in same shot or did you want a photo taken with the photo capture function of the monitor. I’ve seen conflicting things in this post and what’s on the pinterest board.

    Thanks for any info. I’d love to participate.

  • Withings

    Hi Tom! You can do both! Submit a photo of your baby, taken with the SBM, or a photo of your baby, sitting next to a SBM :)

  • Withings

    Hi Denis! We can’t commit to any date for the moment, but you can count in weeks :)

  • Withings

    Hi Eduardo! The Smart Baby Monitor works fine under iOS6. Please send an email to our Support Team: They will be happy to help you.