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Mobile apps to parents’ rescue!

Being a new parent means constantly having to monitor your children’s health and keep detailed records of their growth. Thankfully, mobile technology can not only help you access interesting content and become more informed but also make your life a little easier on a day-to-day basis! This week, we will show you some of the most robust and user-friendly tools to keep track of your child’s needs and health.

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Siri: your new healthcare assistant

One of the most prominent features of the iPhone 4S is the introduction of “Siri”.

Siri is a personal assistant software equipped with advanced voice and phrase recognition capabilities. It distinguishes itself from the previous generation of voice-recogntition apps, such as Android’s Google Voice Actions, by its unmatched ability to understand “normal” phrases and react in a variety of ways: if you ask Siri to do something, it will use the correct app in the iPhone to obey your instructions. If you ask it a more open question, it will also mobilize its database and its connection to the Internet to try to find the most relevant answer.

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How connected health can tackle global public health issues

When we discuss connected health on the blog, most of the time it is in relation with progress made for patient care, self-treatment, or some form of tele-medicine. Today, we take a look at how technology makes a difference is the way governments, NGOs and other institutions tackle international health issues.

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How health 2.0 technologies can help teens and children take care of their health

Thanks to technology, today there are many ways to promote health for children and teens while making it a fun and natural part of everyday life. This not only makes life easier for the ones who suffer from severe illnesses, but also helps children and teenagers stay informed and take care of their general health.

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Apps for keeping your New Year’s resolutions

Are you having a hard time sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Many of us make resolutions every year that we swear keeping, but after a couple of weeks we fall back into the same old routines. Here are some apps that can help you stick to those resolutions, whether it’s getting fit, eating healthier, or losing weight. Read more

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Connected health and the respect of patient privacy

Few things are as personal as medical data. In fact, from a physical standpoint, your medical data is the definition of who you are. With the development of connected health and electronic records, more and more medical data is stored in remote servers owned and operated by governments or corporations, which raises concerns about the security measures around the storage of the data as well as how this data is used and shared, with or without the patient’s consent.

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