Smart technology

A beginner’s guide to wireless technologies

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+, RFID… Connected devices choose from a variety of wireless technologies to interact with each other depending on their functions and needs, and often combine several protocols. For the regular consumer, this profusion of names and barbaric acronyms can become confusing and make it hard to determine which device is compatible with which. Today, we take a look at some of the most common ones and try to explain their specificities as we learned about them ourselves when preparing for this article!

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Living in an ultra-connected world

Imagine the following scenario: your business associate pushes your meeting an hour back; this information is automatically passed to your agenda which then resets your alarm clock, after having checked first the public transport time tables. Your coffee machine could also be adjusted to your new schedule, all by itself. It may sound like a science-fiction story but this technology actually is not that far away in the future.

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Siri: your new healthcare assistant

One of the most prominent features of the iPhone 4S is the introduction of “Siri”.

Siri is a personal assistant software equipped with advanced voice and phrase recognition capabilities. It distinguishes itself from the previous generation of voice-recogntition apps, such as Android’s Google Voice Actions, by its unmatched ability to understand “normal” phrases and react in a variety of ways: if you ask Siri to do something, it will use the correct app in the iPhone to obey your instructions. If you ask it a more open question, it will also mobilize its database and its connection to the Internet to try to find the most relevant answer.

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How health 2.0 technologies can help teens and children take care of their health

Thanks to technology, today there are many ways to promote health for children and teens while making it a fun and natural part of everyday life. This not only makes life easier for the ones who suffer from severe illnesses, but also helps children and teenagers stay informed and take care of their general health.

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Health 2.0 highlights from 2011 and predictions for 2012

Another year has gone by! 2011 offered many interesting innovations in connected health, and the development continues to move forward at a fast pace. Here are some of the highlights from 2011 and some predictions of what 2012 holds for health 2.0 and self-tracking. Read more

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Health 2.0 for pets!

We often discuss on this blog how innovation can improve life and health for people. We live in an age where consumer electronics and medical science are coming together to help us better take care of ourselves and of our loved ones. Technology however is not just for humans. Nowadays, pets can also enjoy high-tech devices designed to improve their health, sometimes at the expense of their dignity. Some of those new products are genuine innovations with a real health benefits, but today we choose to take a look at a few that do not fit into this category…

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