Withings Health Cloud kicks off with Zeo and RunKeeper

You have probably noticed the changes made to the Withings online dashboard in the past few weeks. Among those changes, we have introduced the option to import data from partners so that you can see all your key health and fitness data in your Withings dashboard.

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A new dashboard is available for My.Withings.com

We have introduced a few changes in the online dashboard at My.Withings.com. Here is a quick tour of the new features.

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Massive import

As mentioned in a previous post, you can now import a massive number of measures in your Withings dashboard. It is very useful for people who were already monitoring their weight before buying a Withings scale.

Todo so, you first need to create a CSV file. It is easy to do with a software like Excel. The only constraint is that is has to respect a mandatory format. For instance, the file must have 6 columns without any title; the delimiter (to separate the data) is a comma or a semicolon, etc …

The easiest way to create a correct CSV file is to take a look at the CSV file you get when you export your data. To download one, connect on your account and click on “My account”. Then go to “My options” and click on “Save my data in CSV”.

The CSV file must indicate 6 types of information for each weigh-in:

  • Your pseudo,
  • The weigh-in date in the following format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss For instance, for a weigh-in on October 26th 2009 at 09:28 am, you will write : 2009-11-26T09:28:12
  • Your height in meters,
  • Your weight,
  • Your fat mass,
  • And your fat-free mass. This column is not mandatory. You can leave it blank.
Once you enter all your data in the CSV file, upload it in the menu “My account / My options / Import my data in CSV”. Your data will show up immediately on your dashboard.
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A new tool for families in your Withings dashboard!

Withings just develop a new feature. From now on, you can generate and print out your children growth curves!

By using your kids’ measures (height, weight and BMI), Withings dashboard creates the same follow up tool existing in personal health record. It allows you to visualize your children growth and to monitor their development. As a matter of fact, the charts display percentile curves representing where the average of children are in their height, weight and BMI at a precise age. 
To generate those curves, click on the “share” button on you dashboard, and then on “print my charts” in the opening window. Select “Growth from 1 to 18” to automatically download your kid’s chart.
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