Weigh Cool Tips

Heart health
June 16, 2017

Are you the owner of a new smart scale? Congratulations! Whatever your health or weight goals happen to be, a scale can be a powerful tool for staying accountable, monitoring progress, and pinpointing when it might be time to make a change. For tips on how to become a weight tracking pro, follow the guidelines below.

Stay consistent

Your weight fluctuates greatly throughout the day due to numerous factors, such as how much you eat and drink or how active you are.

For consistent weight and heart health monitoring, it’s best to always weigh in at the same time and in the same conditions.


However, even if you weigh in at the same time each day, it’s important not to rely too much on any single weight measurement. For a more accurate understanding of your body—and to avoid getting concerned over any single spike in weight—focus on your weight trend over several days or weeks.

Did you know? People who weigh themselves regularly are more likely to be more active and achieve their weight loss goals.