‘The Autism Dad’ On Fever Tracking With Thermo

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August 21, 2017

For Rob Gorski, aka The Autism Dad, the Thermo has been a lifesaver—literally. Discover how this connected thermometer has eased the burden of monitoring his son’s rare fever disorder, and provided the solution they’ve been searching for.

Rob Gorski, a writer and self-described techie living in Ohio, is also the father of three children aged 9, 11, and 17, all of whom fall on the autism spectrum. On his journey to be the best parent possible to his children, Rob discovered a need for more connection and support in the special needs community. At the same time, he developed a passion for writing, which had become a wonderful outlet for expressing his feelings and relieving some of his stress.  

This led Rob to create Lost and Tired, an award-winning blog that allowed him to share his story and reach out to others who had been touched by autism. The blog resonated with those going through similar experiences, the readership soared, and Rob found himself being interviewed and writing for other blogs and sites around the world.  

In 2015, Rob decided that Lost and Tired had run its course and started his new blog, The Autism Dad, to help people better understand what life is like with special needs children. Rob shares his experience in a very open and honest way and says, “I want to dispel the misconceptions surrounding Autism and show how my life and the lives of my children are affected by it each and every day. Believe it or not, it’s not always bad. In fact, it can actually be pretty damn amazing at times.” 

While autism has been one of the challenges that Rob faces as a parent, his children also face numerous other health issues, including his youngest son Emmett, who has a rare fever disorder.  

So when Rob received the Thermo temporal thermometer, he was impressed with just how easy to use it was, and how seamlessly it synced every temperature reading to his devices. “You don’t realize how complicated something as simple as tracking fevers can be when you have to do [it] several times a day, every single day,” Rob says. 

In the past, Rob had to write down Emmett’s temperatures on a calendar to try to find patterns and trends, but now the Thermo app does this for him. He even describes a recent visit to the immunologist’s office, where he was able to pull out his tablet and scroll through the last 30 days of temperature readings, including exactly what temperature registered at what time, which was extremely helpful.  

Emmett even gives the device two thumbs up, and is able to easily take his own temperature, which means that temperature tracking is now a team effort.  

Most importantly, Rob was relieved to find that Thermo delivered accurate and consistent temperature readings. ” He writes, “It’s been frustrating over the years trying to find a thermometer that will take accurate temperatures on a consistent basis. I literally have a box of digital thermometers that I’ve purchased from Amazon, in order to find a better solution for us. Nothing has ever truly met our needs.” 

After a month of using Thermo, Rob can’t imagine ever going back to any other temperature-tracking tool. For a more in-depth look into his thoughts, and see his videos, check out Rob’s full review here.