Latest Steel HR Update Brings New Features You’ll Love

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November 5, 2018

Our award-winning hybrid smartwatch just got even better. See all the new and improved features that come with the latest update for Steel HR.

Now you can enjoy an upgraded experience with new features for Steel HR. Free and available now, this update integrates three new features designed to help you move more, sleep better, and stay connected. Read on to explore what they are and how to take advantage of them to the fullest.

Connected GPS to map your path

Fave Jean Dubuffet sculpture snapped for me by a co-worker on his run
Fave Jean Dubuffet sculpture snapped for me by a co-worker on his run

Steel HR features connected GPS, so you can follow your path with pace, distance, and elevation during all your running or biking sessions. Afterward, you can easily see where you’ve been and share the map with all your stats. Note: to use connected GPS, you need to allow Health Mate to access your location settings. Don’t worry, it will only tap into your location when you are launching a workout session via the button.

Added bonus: you can share a map right from the app, and you can share it with a photo, as a personal keepsake or a brag.

How can you share a map from the Health Mate app?

Simply swipe left on the map of your session, and presto—you’ll see the option to share it. Then you can choose to add a photo, or just keep it as is. As for the photo, you can take one in the moment, or choose one from your camera roll. As you’ll see in my example, I chose to add the beautiful NYC skyline I was running next to (it also distracts from how slow I was!)

Then, when you tap “share,” you’ll see all the options available to you from text, email, and social media, or you can just save it to your own camera roll.

Note: Map sharing is currently only available on iOS.

Multisport tracking to make workout tracking even easier

While Steel HR always automatically tracks all your activities, you can select your sport rso you have the most precise tracking possible.

Now you can select from your favorite sports right on your wrist to launch continuous heart rate tracking with even more accuracy.

How can you personalize workout screens on Steel HR?

It’s easy to have quick access to your favorite sports right on your wrist. Here’s how.

In Health Mate, go to Devices and tap “Workout customization.” There are more than 30 sports and activities to choose from (including Ping Pong! Surfing! Yoga!), and you can select up to 5 sports to have on your watch. Then you can arrange the order in which they appear by tapping and dragging the lines to the right of the sport. This pic shows the sports I’ve chosen. Yes, I selected “walking,” because when on a long walk, sometimes I like to see a map and my continuous heart rate.

Sleep Score to help you improve your nights

If you wear Steel HR to bed, you know that it automatically tracks light and deep sleep cycles plus interruptions. Now, with a daily Sleep Score, you can know more about the factors that influence your sleep so you can make changes that lead to better nights. The Sleep Score for Steel HR grades duration, depth, regularity and interruptions. You can also see an overview of your heart rate during the night.

Note: If you want to go even further with your nights, check out Withings Sleep, our advanced under-mattress sleep sensor, which also provides even more in-depth metrics, including REM sleep and snore detection.

Smart notifications to help you stay connected on the go

Steel HR launched with call, text, email, and event notifications right on the digital screen embedded in the watch face to help you stay connected to what matters. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the call notifications, so I can spend time with my family and not pick up the phone unless it’s really important (telemarketing robocalls are so annoying).

Now, notifications are available for all your favorite apps. But don’t worry that you’ll be bothered by all your apps all the time! You can customize the alerts you want to see. Personally, I love Uber and Lyft notifications, because if I have luggage on me, or I’m racing out the door or across town, I don’t want to have my hands tied to my phone. And then, if I’m at a conference that has an app, the notifications about real time updates can be really useful. But you’ll know which notifications are meaningful to you. From LinkedIn to Instagram to Runkeeper, it’s all about what you want to hear about.

How can you customize app notifications?

In Health Mate, go to Devices and find Steel HR. Then tap “Notifications.” Tap the toggle to “Enable Notifications” to turn them on. Apps appear under the basic notifications and will appear in the list as options when notifications arrive on your phone.

Multiple alarms to keep you on time

While this feature isn’t brand new, it was an update after the original Steel HR launch, so it’s not a bad time to remind you that it’s available.

You access the alarm by opening the Health Mate app, going to “Devices,” and then selecting “Alarm.” The silent vibrating alarm can wake you within a window of time that’s optimal (by dragging the Smart Wake-Up bubble), and you can even add multiple alarms by using the + button at the bottom of the screen after you set an alarm. You can toggle your alarms on and off, and you can remove an alarm just by swiping left—you’ll see the option to delete. And, as ever, alarms are customized by time and day.

What you need to know: tech specs for the Steel HR update

This update is free and available for all Steel HR owners, and works with the latest version of the Health Mate app. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve installed the latest version Steel HR software (version 5331) by opening Health Mate and going to  Devices > Steel HR > More settings > Check for updates.

Please note that you need to be running iOS 10 for Apple or Android 6 for Android at a minimum. This means, for example, that users who have a iPhone 4S cannot run the latest update because they can’t run iOS 10.

We hope you enjoy all the new tricks that your Steel HR can do. And stay tuned, because all our devices get smarter as time goes on. Some of the cool features you have now come directly from user feedback, so if you have a suggestion for a new feature you’d like to see, let us know by following, visiting, and commenting on our social channels!

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