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Cheerful  dance instructor teaching students in class. Multiracial women enjoying a dance routine at health club.

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise


Shooting a Video Helped YouTuber Uncover Silent Hypertension

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Senior couple with bicycles in the park.

Can Extra Weight Hurt Your Heart?

Portrait of a fit 50 year old male cyclist out of a training ride. Photographed in a modern contemporary style, colour, horizontal with some copy space. Photographed on the island of Møn in Denmark.

Diabetes: Advice from a patient and doctor to lose weight

A beautiful young ethnic woman wearing a head wrap looks toward the camera and smiles radiantly. She is standing outdoors and there are mountains and trees in the background.

Can connected watches help women fight breast cancer?

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Losing 132 lbs helped Joffrey shed some of his medicines

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Frédéric Tossou: 99 Pounds Lost. 1 Million Steps Gained.