New version of our iPhone App: WiScale v1.5

17 décembre 2009

We love to have your feedback at Withings. New features are frequently added to our services thanks to your input ! This week we have released a new version of the free WiScale iPhone App, which allows you to track your weight, fat mass, lean mass and BMI.

So, what’s new in the latest version?

– Fast User switch

It was the most requested feature : Now it is possible to switch between the different users who share the same account directly from the graphs screen. We do not endorse any competition at Withings, but you can now compare your graphs very easily 🙂
– Body Fat Percentage (%)

It was already available on Withings website, and now it is on WiScale: Track body fat in percentage instead of the mass unit (kg/lbs/stones) if you chose too.

What else ?
Small bugs corrections, faster rendering…

By the way, what’s WiScale?

WiScale is a FREE iPhone application developed by Withings that allows you to track your weight, fat mass, lean mass and BMI over time.

If you have the WiFi Body Scale, your data will automatically be sent to your iPhone, enabling an easy follow up of your health everywhere you are.

If your don’t have the WiFi Body Scale (yet) or if you are on holidays and you don’t have your Wifi Body Scale with you, it is still possible to enter manually each weigh-in very easily and have your graph displayed.

In any case, WiScale is ideal for people who care about their health and fitness and want their data accessible everytime and everywhere.

PS. If you enjoy using WiScale, would you be so nice to leave a short review/a rating on the App Store 🙂