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8 juin 2010

Runners from all Europe, Withings just made a new partnership with a very complete sport platform: Sportics. It offers a wide range of services around fitness and all kinds of sports. For instance, the platform supports a lot of sport devices such as Polar, Suunto, Ciclo Sports, Garmin, Concept2, and many more! You can also work on your motivation, benefit from some real-time coaching, accept challenges, or analyze your workouts. This analysis will be even more precise when you connect your Withings account to Sportics.

Sportics gathers all its services on Smartphones, with an application for iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android.

To connect your Withings account to Sportics, go on and then click on the tab “Control Center”. On the right, you will see a small logo representing the Settings menu.

Click on it and open “Data transmission”. Copy and paste your Withings URL (given in your Withings dashboard, in the “Share” panel) into the URL box.

After clicking on the save button, you will be able to watch your graphs in the “Fitness” menu, with the “Weight control” option.