WiScale for iPhone 4 and iPad

28 juillet 2010

The new version of wiScale is available on the itunes store! You just need to upgrade it to enjoy all the innovations of wiScale 2.0.

From now on, you can:

  • Add a password to protect the access at your weight curves. You will find this new option in your configuration menu.
  • Use it on your iPad with a full display (more information here)
  • See your curves with high-resolution icons (for iPhone-4)
  • Display your moving average curve (more information here)
  • Choose to define your fat and lean mass in units or in percentage individually from each other.
  • List all your measures in a table.
  • Access to your information about your Withings scale (battery life, etc…)
  • Add, edit or delete your weight objectives
  • Easily handling multiple users: the change is faster and you can switch between users, even without internet network.

Enjoy!  🙂