A new Android app! Test WiScale for Android 2!

29 octobre 2010

You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s out there ! Here is the beta version of WiScale for Android! To download it, tape « Withings » in the Android Market.

The requirements to test the beta app are:

1. To have a Withings account and a Withings scale (with at least an existing user).

Don’t worry if you don’t own a Withings scale yet, we plan to open the application to everyone in the next couple of weeks.

2. Your OS version must be equal or higher than Android 2.1

To zoom the graphs, you need a multi-touch screen.

3. A VGA display

We optimized the app for WVGA screens, but it also work on VGA and HVGA.

We intend to release frequent updates in the coming weeks in order to fix quickly the bugs you will report. This will be done automatically. You will see a “Replace Application” notice when updating. Just click on “Ok” to install directly the new version.

This version is a beta so some animations or features are not yet available. For instance, for the moment you need to click on “Menu” and select “Change mode” to display the fat mass. Other example, you can’t select the measurements on the graph wall. It will be available soon.

To report bugs and/or make feature requests, you can write on our forum, section « Beta Testing ».

And thanks to Wubbahed (see his comment below) here is a QR code to directly download the app: