Withings on Windows Phone with Run.GPS!

24 décembre 2010

European runners will be thrilled to learn that Withings is partnering up with Run.GPS ! It is one of the biggest sport community in Europe. Furthermore, Run.GPS offers a free app for Windows Phone! Withings’s graphs are now available on every SmartPhone on the market.

Here is a short introduction of this great service:
Since over 10 years Munich based eSymetric GmbH has been developing software for workflow management, e-commerce and mobile devices. Our product « Run.GPS Trainer » is one of the most complete and most well-known solutions for sports on smartphones. It is suitable for all motion based sports such as running, cycling, hiking and inline skating. The app is available for Windows Phone and Google Android and is closely linked to the GPS-Sport.net sports community.

To connect your Withings account with to GPS-sport, login to your GPS-Sport.net account and navigate to My GPS-Sport > Settings > Body Weight, enter you Withings credentials and it’s done! You’ll be able to see and edit your weight and lean fat mass values and diagrams in My GPS-Sport.net > My Body Weight. Several reports are available, showing for instance how your sportive efforts correlate with your weight loss.