Stronger Together: Withings Initiatives to Help Fight COVID-19

5月 11, 2020

Read on to learn more about the ways we’re working to help others and allow you to help the world, and see how you can help yourself.

As a connected health company with 10 years of experience, we feel uniquely qualified and determined to help in the fight against COVID-19. Read on to learn more about our initiatives, including in-app advice and research projects, donations, and how you can thrive even if you’re under quarantine.

What we’re doing

Pictured here are a portion of the masks that were distributed to Hôpital Jacques Cartier in Massy, France.
Pictured here are a portion of the masks that were distributed to Hôpital Jacques Cartier in Massy, France.

Giving access to tools for science & our users
We have recently joined forces with groups that are leading initiatives to track the spread of the virus, allowing users to choose to help track infectious disease outbreaks so healthcare professionals can understand them and improve treatments.
In the US, Canada and Mexico, we are partnering with Boston Children’s Hospital by integrating its “COVID Near You” survey directly into the Health Mate app. Anonymized data from the voluntary survey will be sent to Boston Children’s Hospital and used to conduct epidemiological studies and visualize the spread of symptoms associated with COVID-19. The survey quickly and easily allows users to report symptoms or testing activity, and is followed by health recommendations based on the declared symptoms.
Click here to learn about our tools available in other parts of the world.
Accelerating remote monitoring: ScanWatch and other donations
Before ScanWatch is released to the public, the first units will be going to hospitals to help them monitor patients recovering from COVID-19. We know that being able to record medical-grade SpO2, at home, is vital for those who need to be monitored for signs of poor blood oxygenation.
And although current consumer demand for Thermo, our smart temporal thermometer, is currently greater than the amount we can produce, we are indeed producing them, and have allocated a portion to donate to healthcare professionals to help them take more sanitary measurements.
Supporting medical professionals on the frontline
50,000 protective masks were secured for donation. Special thanks goes to our team in Hong Kong for helping us support health professionals.

What you can do

Participate by joining research surveys
The Boston Children’s Hospital survey is available right in Health Mate.
We are also partnering with Scripps Research and their MyDataHelps app so US users can opt in to a study that seeks to improve real-time surveillance of contagious respiratory illnesses. Scripps seeks to determine whether individual tracking of changes in metrics such as heart rate, activity, and sleep can provide an early indication of an illness.
Stay home, stay healthy
We know that being under lockdown, confinement, or quarantine is hard. It disrupts sleep and our ability to stay active. It can cause people stress that leads to a host of issues, including the risk of elevated blood pressure, or weight issues from eating too much… or eating too little… or just eating the wrong things. To help you navigate this difficult time, we spoke to a sleep doctor, a nutritionist and a fitness guru to help you navigate this difficult time. See what our experts had to say.
Keep monitoring your vitals
Sleep, weight, blood pressure, temperature and more are important to keep track of, especially if you need to see a doctor, in person—or remotely.
Stay active
Activity can elevate your mood and benefit your cardiovascular health. Even if you can’t make it to a gym and even if your house has no equipment, no problem. See our home bodyweight workouts and a guide to the health benefits of pushups to inspire you.

Learn more & contact us

We have more in the works, and have also opened a special email address dedicated to anyone working in healthcare who might have more ideas on how we can help. For more details on our initiatives, see this letter from our co-founder and president: COVID-19, a letter from Eric Carreel.