A new tool for families in your Withings dashboard!

Withings just develop a new feature. From now on, you can generate and print out your children growth curves!

By using your kids’ measures (height, weight and BMI), Withings dashboard creates the same follow up tool existing in personal health record. It allows you to visualize your children growth and to monitor their development. As a matter of fact, the charts display percentile curves representing where the average of children are in their height, weight and BMI at a precise age. 
To generate those curves, click on the “share” button on you dashboard, and then on “print my charts” in the opening window. Select “Growth from 1 to 18” to automatically download your kid’s chart.

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  • dirtdoog

    Very cool. This will be great for my toddler, who already loves to stand on the Withings scale. But what about for my little baby, who just turned one? She can't stand on the scale, but I can stand on the scale while holding her… It would be very cool if the Withings dashboard could automatically subtract my lone measurement from the combined measurement (me and my baby) to display/track my baby's weight increases!

  • John

    This is very nice — I continue to be impressed by my scale and your services!

  • Jeanne

    @dirtdoog It is a good idea, but the scale can't handle children under 2 years old and/or children weighing less than 10 kilos (22lbs).