New features put forward by Withings’ users

I don’t know if you were aware of it, but Withings has a forum where scale’s users can exchange their opinion and suggest new features to our team. We just finish to implement several of them. (The forum is available from your account, in the Help Wizard menu).

The first one is a dashboard widget for Mac OS X, for people willing to access their curves directly from their control panel. More details to be unveiled very soon… ;)  

The second feature is the possibility to choose an athlete mode for the body composition model. As a matter of fact, high-level sportsmen do not have the same body structure as average Joe. Therefore, their body analysis must be adapted. I advised you to select the athlete version if you practice more than 8 hours per week and if you have a resting heart rate below 60 beats a minute.
The third one is an improvement of the fat mass display. From now one, you can chose to see your fat mass in percentage or in value units. 

And last but not least, Linux users now have an installation software on their own. It is compatible with Linux kernel v2.6.26 minimum, CPU x86 32 bits and 64 bits. This pairing wizard has been tested on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (64 bits), Ubuntu 9.04 (32 bits), Ubuntu 9.10 (64 bits) and Debian Etch (32 bits).

So, thanks to you all for helping us improving Withings every day. Never hesitate to share with us your opinion!

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  • Michael

    Congrats on launching the new features!! This scale and its gadget freak appeal changed my life! Down 50 pounds to a healthy weight for the first time in a long time :)

  • John

    Very nice — I'm really enjoying my scale and it's fun that you guys keep on innovating with it!

  • Ernie

    These are all amazing changes. Also love that you keep innovating! Keep up the good work.

  • Edward Clark

    How about syncing with the LoseIt! app for the iPhone?

  • Thomas

    Nice features! How about adding the possibility to add body measures like chest measurement, … Would be perfect to have a graph which displays the changes! :)

  • Jeanne

    Thanks to all for all your support! It's really rewarding.

    @Edward We just found out about this app and we are going to contact them. Cheers

    @Thomas We are already thinking on adding this feature to the dashboard. We'll keep you posted!

  • Alex

    How about an app for Android ?

  • Jeanne

    Alex, check this post out :

  • Jeanne