Google Health and Withings, working hand in hand for your health

1. Februar 2010

Following last week thread, we are proud to announce a new partnership with another renowned health online service provider: Google Health. From this day, your Google Health profile will be automatically updated in real-time thanks to our scale’s built-in WiFi connection.

 For those of you who might be clueless, Google Health is a free personal health record. Launched last year, this EHR (Electronic Health Record) allows users to store, organize, and manage health information all in one place. Cybernauts can also choose to share that information with family members, caregivers and doctors.

An API compatibility between those two platforms goes hand in hand with our company philosophy: offering as much value-added services as we can without interfering with your daily life. Instead of having to enter manually your weight and fat-mass in the “Tests Results” menu, your personal data are effortlessly registered and processed in your Google profile. You, and the people you whish, would be able to follow your weight evolution.
The linking procedure is very simple. Connect on your WiThings account and allow Google Health platform from the “Share” panel. For a more detailed explanation, feel free to have a look on our website