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18. März 2010

As promised, it is now time to present the OS X widget. It allows Apple users to keep a close eye on their last weigh-in. As a matter of fact, the control panel can be displayed on their computer’s dashboard. This widget is developed in reference to the existing Windows 7 device that was created by one of our users. Do not forget that if you have any idea or demand, you can bring them up on our blog or on the forum!

To create the Mac widget, connect to your account and open the “Share” window. Select “Publish on the web”. In the list, there is a box called “Code widget”. Copy the URL written between the first two quotation marks. For instance, the global writing in the box looks like this : < iframe src = "http://www.withings.com/en/utils/graphwidget?userid=37&publickey=051fc9bb6fa571a9&massUnit=kg“ width =“890″ height =“600″ scrolling =“no“ style =“border: 0;“ >.

You will only need to copy the bold characters.

Past your URL in the Safari browser and press enter. Then, click on “Files” and select the option “Open in the dashboard”. A selecting tool appears. Click on the control panel displayed on the screen. It will automatically fit to the picture size. Eventually, click on “Add”.

You can also display your curves on your dashboard. It’s the same procedure as before but you need to use the URL contained in the “Code” box.