3. Juni 2010

Breaking news! As many of you have requested, Withings is currently developing a free iPad version of Wiscale: Wiscale HD. Here is a small demo of Wiscale HD’s beta (Beware, it’s very cheesy).

The iPad’s user interface is so smooth! It’s a pleasure to use it.

As you might have noticed, we kept the same basic structure as the iPhone version, so that you don’t get lost. But this app also has some great new stuff. The first one is that we added up a moving average curve (the white one).

It helps to see your global weight trend, distilled from the daily fluctuations. You can have check out our reference: The Hacker Diet to get more information.

The second one is that you can choose to display your measures in a graph (as usual) OR to consult all your weighs in on a list to capture all the numbers in a blink of the eye.

 More add-ons are planned, but let’s keep it for next time, shall we?  🙂

Wiscale HD for iPad should be available on the Itunes Store within a few weeks. We will keep you posted!