Get to Know ScanWatch

11月 17, 2020

Scan your vital parameters day and night to improve your cardiovascular health and fitness with the most advanced hybrid connected watch ever designed.

For several years Withings has been developing products that help monitor people’s health on a daily basis without compromising the design of its devices. After extensive research and clinical studies, ScanWatch is our most advanced health sensor. Composed of exclusive cutting-edge technologies, this hybrid smartwatch has been the subject of 14 patents to provide wearers with access to vital biological parameters 24 hours a day thanks to an exceptional battery life of up to 30 days.

Have a cardiac check-up

Cardiologists developed and clinically validated* ScanWatch making it the first hybrid smartwatch to alert the user to a possible case of atrial fibrillation, the most common cardiac arrhythmia. ScanWatch monitors heart rhythm and heart rate regularly through normal day-to-day routines and continuously while exercising to alert you if atrial fibrillation is suspected. The Withings Health Mate app then advises you to record a 1-lead 30-second electrocardiogram from your wrist which can then be sent to a doctor for a formal diagnosis. The electrocardiogram records are obtained using 3 electrodes, and because the device has obtained the medical CE mark, it is labeled as a medical device.
Results from recordings are available at any time in the Health Mate app where they can be sent free of charge in PDF format via email to a medical professional.
Another feature ScanWatch has is a “Breathe” function, which allows wearers to care for their mental and physical health thanks to the principle of cardiac coherence. Concentrating for 1 minute on breathing can help people observe the impact breathing can have on heart rates. This can assist the wearer in learning how to relax using cardiac coherence techniques.

Analyze sleep quality

Sleep quality is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Withings believes that people who understand their sleep will be able to improve it. ScanWatch therefore automatically analyzes sleep sessions as well as the various parameters that can affect their quality and quantity:

  • Breakdown of your night: duration of light, deep and REM phases
  • Total sleep duration
  • Number of sleep interruptions
  • Regularity of bedtime and waking hours
  • Sleep heart rate
  • Potential detection of atrial fibrillation episodes

Every morning the Health Mate app awards a Sleep Score out of 100 points. This score is based on the quality of the parameters recorded throughout the night. For example, waking up multiple times can lower the score, or not experiencing enough deep sleep phases may also decrease points. This score helps communicate factors that have an impact on sleep and allows Withings to offer solutions that can improve nights in order to enhance general health.
ScanWatch further monitors vitals via the Respiratory Scan feature, which activates an even more precise monitoring of night quality, Using data obtained from heart rate, respiratory rate, movements and oxygen saturation levels throughout the night, ScanWatch can detect breathing disturbances, which can be a symptom of sleep apnea.
Finally, the Smart Wake-Up™ feature allows the wearer to set an alarm window and will wake you during your lightest sleep phase for a more gentle wakeup experience.

Monitor blood oxygen levels

ScanWatch is equipped with a pulse oximeter, which is a medical device that has been clinically tested to measure blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) at any time from the wrist. Reliable measurements are available in 30 seconds and can detect a possible hypoxemia (lack of oxygen in the blood) which can be linked to pathologies such as COPD or COVID-19. During the Respiratory Scan, these measurements, together with those of the actigraphy and the heart and respiratory frequencies, are used to detect breathing disturbances.

Track activity

ScanWatch provides complete activity tracking, counts steps, and automatically detects activities such as walking, running and swimming.
ScanWatch also tracks more than 30 other activities with Workout Mode including tennis, basketball and dance. Sports other than walking, running, or swimming require entering the application and specifying which activity should remain on the watch for future use. ScanWatch then learns to automatically detect these activities based on your movements. The training mode activates continuous heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and a stopwatch.
A map of movements conducted during the workout are available in the Health Mate app along with distance traveled, speed, elevation and other useful information. The ScanWatch also improves athletic performance by providing information on Fitness Level whichestimates VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption) when walking, running, or hiking for more than 10 minutes 3 separate times.

Stay connected

Like all Withings products, ScanWatch automatically synchronizes in Bluetooth® with the Health Mate app. ScanWatch users also have unlimited and secure digital storage space for personal data so that only the wearer can access the data at any time and share it easily with a healthcare professional.
ScanWatch is also made of high-end materials such as a sapphire glass and utilizes the timeless craft of watchmaking by integrating an analog watch into a connected watch.
The ScanWatch also provides a luminous screen where all of the necessary information from readings, workouts, and more are displayed on the PMOLED screen. Notifications from more than 100 compatible applications and various ScanWatch functionalities are accessible in a jiffy thanks to the crown with haptic feedback that is perfectly calibrated for optimal ease of use.
ScanWatch is available in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm. The device blends in perfectly with everyday life thanks to its water resistance up to 50m and standard interchangeable wristband that adapts the watch to any social situation in the blink of an eye.
The more ScanWatch is worn, the more likely potential pathologies can be detected in time for the wearer to take action. This increased likelihood in detection is why Withings worked to develop an exceptional expected battery life of up to 30 days.
Hopefully you are now fluent in all the features of ScanWatch, and we hope you enjoyed getting to know this latest advance in the connected health revolution.
*Features vary based on regional regulatory approvals. Visit Withings at for more information.