My weight loss testimonial, by Tegan

You might have noticed that a new feature quietly appeared in your Sharing tab a few weeks ago. It’s the third option from the top. It’s called “Share with other accounts”. Maybe you have wondered “What in the world is that?”

Well, it’s pretty simple. The idea behind this feature is to check out the evolution of your friends who also have a Withings scale, and this, directly from your dashboard.

Let’s take an example with Mario and Luigi. They are doing a running competition. Something about being the first to reach a princess. Anyway, they both train very hard and are competing to be the best. Mario wants to find out how Luigi manages to jump so high. Luckily, they shared their Withings account, so Mario can directly display Luigi’s graph in its dashboard and discover that Luigi gained an impressive muscle mass! Mario is now very motivated to train even more.

Let’s see another example with Dr. House. In order to keep his “no patient visit” policy, he starts to monitor all his patients from his Withings account. They simply share their graphs in one click. Therefore, our beloved doctor can check out their health everyday in real time and be very reactive without having to go near them.

The procedure to share your graph with a friend is very simple. Just click on the Share tab from your dashboard, select “Share with other accounts”, enter his or her email address and click on the “Authorized” button. You can add as much friends as you want in your dashboard. To delete a sharing link, just click on the suppression cross next to your friend’s name.

And don’t forget that you have many other options to share your progress and motivate each other all listed here!


Jean-Luc Ranaivoarivao


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