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Today GravityEight, a new startup in Marin County, CA, turned on the beta version of a website designed to help users make measurable progress across a range of life priorities: social connections, lifelong learning, personal finances, spirituality, and other parts of our lives.

At GravityEight, you can browse original articles and videos on the topics of relationships, careers, spirituality, community, learning, leisure, health, and finance. The more content you consume, the more “awareness credits” you build up. In a nifty bit of game mechanics, these credits eventually convert into virtual merit badges intended as fun rewards. But more important—and more fundamental to the GravityEight concept—are “action credits,” which you can only earn by getting off your duff and doing things in the real world.

We are very proud to be a partner of this very promising service. We are listed the health section of the site, which includes personalized dashboards that help users visualize the data from all your personal health-tracking devices such as the Nike+ run tracker, the Zeo sleep monitor and your Withings body scale

If you hit your weekly running goal, keep your weight under your desired threshold, or achieve enough quality sleep, GravityEight gives you action credits, which are more valuable than awareness credits and help boost your health score on the site’s overall “Wellbeing Meter.” That’s a pie-like graphic on the site’s front page, designed to summarize at a glance how your different kinds of wellbeing are balancing out (or not).

You can get more information on Xconomy, which made a great article.


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