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In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Libra is a free Android app that tracks your weight and display only the trend line (as suggested by the Hacker’s Diet). It helps to focus on your real weight evolution. With more than 300 000 users and rated 4.5/5,

this app has definitely proved its quality. My favorite feature is that it estimates when you will reach your goal according to your daily progress.

The good news is that from now one, you can monitor your weight automatically on Libra thanks to its integration with the Withings body scale. Each time you will weigh in, your measurements will be add in real-time in your Libra chart.


This app offers a lot of other nice features:

  • Easy manual data entry
  • Scrollable and zoomable chart
  • BMI calculation
  • Weight goal display
  • Time-to-goal estimation
  • Estimates the daily KCal consumption
  • Easy sharing of your chart via email, mms, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Import/Export to Excel (.csv)
  • Widget

You can watch a demo on youtube or directly test it on your phone. This app is compatible with every phone above Android v1.5

To synch your Withings scale with Libra, open your reference menu, select “Log in” in the Withings menu.


Jean-Luc Ranaivoarivao


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