Praise for the new Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor has been available in the US for almost a week now. And we have been very pleased to see that many of you were awaiting it so eagerly!

Furthermore, a lot of famous blogs wrote some very positive reports about its ease of use, its accuracy and its design. We are so proud! for example is pretty keen on the sharing feature.

You can share results with your doctor via an integrated email link or sync with personal health record sites like Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault that your doctor can access. “ likes the perfect integration with the device with iOS devices :

The setup process is incredibly simple — you just unlock your device, if you have a lock screen set up, and then plug the cable into the Dock Connector on the iOS device. Chances are pretty good that when you start using the Blood Pressure Monitor, you won’t have the free WiScale app on your device, so the monitor “tickles” your device to see if the app is there, and sends you to the App Store to download it if is not.”


Engadget author Zach Honig even made a video of himself using the Withings blood pressure monitor in a store. It is a funny story by the way. The rather worrying display of hyper-tension prompted a salve of comments advising him to go see a physician ASAP. Don’t worry about him though, it’s just that he was using the device while speaking and moving, hence his above-average readings. reminds the context and precise that “Remote medical monitoring could save the U.S. nearly $200 billion in health costs over 25 years, according to a two-year-old study. That’s, in part, because of devices like the cuff, which let people relay frequent medical data to health care providers to track problems before they get serious and require more drastic interventions.

Finally, concludes with some personal thoughts:

If you’re a middle-aged guy like me whose background includes many ancestors with heart and blood pressure problems, your doctor has probably told you to keep an eye on your BP. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, coupled with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, is a fast and fun way to get into that healthy habit and share your information with your healhcare provider.

And you, what has been your experience so far using the Withings blood pressure monitor ?

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  • paulevy

    I have never found a mechanical blood pressure reader that was close to being accurate–only the doctor using a cuff and stethoscope does it. Is there any satisfaction guarantee with your new blood pressure monitor?

  • Andrey

    I’m convinced that even different doctors have different monitors, stethoscopes and ears to listen the bits ;-) . I’ve compared AND and Microlife 100 – 150 USD monitors, Withing is precise enough.

  • Carl

    I now feel complete!! I have my withings scale and blood pressure all on one website to keep track and monitor in one place! No more remembering numbers poorly, writing or inputing them just let the machine do the work!!

  • Ralph Brandi

    Our experience with the monitor has been mixed. It works fine for me; it has yet to take a successful reading for my wife. I don’t see any way of contacting Withings for support on your site to find out why this might be the case; the only support link is to a FAQ that doesn’t answer our question. We’re finding it very frustrating to try over and over and continuously get the message that the reading failed. We’ve been very happy with our scale, but the blood pressure monitor not so much.

  • Bastien

    Hi Ralph, please could you send us your request to That way it will be much easier to answer you. Thanks.

  • Håkan Jonsson


    Looks like a great product. Are you planning an Android (micro USB) connector version? I don’t want to buy an IPod just for this purpose.


  • Bastien

    Sorry Håkan, we do not plan to connect the BPM with Android or others platforms for the moment. We’ll keep you updated.

  • Enrique Vaquero

    I think the same as Håkan Jonsson, looks like a great product but I only buy one if you sell an android versión.
    I think there is a large consumer market in the android users. I expect your news about it.


  • Bastien

    Hi Enrique, we developed the blood pressure monitor to be compatible with the iPhone because we think it’s more suitable with our product, but we are looking into the matter. You can be held informed on the blog, the Twitter account or the fanpage.

  • Ziad_adada

    I need help Just receive it yesterday I order it from Apple store UK , I try to run it but it show me a message Battery is low I replaced them with new one and keep telling me battery low , what shall I do ?

  • Withings

    Hej Ziad, please write with in Cc:, they will be happy to help!

  • Mishaal Khan

    Hi Ziad, Im facing the same issue, how did u resolve it?

  • Withings

    Hi Mishaal! Please send an email to Our product manager will be happy to help you.