All your data collected on a single application

Did you know that the new version of the Withings application enables you to browse all your data at the same time? Check out this video tutorial to understand how it works.

To browse your weight and blood pressure graphs, you simply rotate the phone horizontally and use your finger to track across, zoom or switch between graphs. What’s new with the 3.5 version? You will find all of your saved results from your balance and your blood pressure monitor. You can view and compare graphs with data from your weight, body fat and blood pressure with the use of one finger only.

It’s important to frequently compare this data too. Obesity encourages hypertension (more commonly known as High Blood Pressure) and increases the risks of diabets and high cholesterol as well. Being aware of your weight and blood pressure, and comparing them against each other on a single device, will allow you to have a better analysis of your state of health. You can then act in the best interest of your health, whilst making what what we call ‘micro-decisions’ as quickly and safely as possible. For example: quit eating ice-cream while watching TV, stop nibbling junk between-meals or sticking to a more balanced diet…

Sometimes it’s better to try and reach simple goals that aim to create a healthier lifestyle over the longer term, rather than to follow strong and binding commitments such as intensive diets over several weeks.

Visit the AppStore to update your Withings’ app and comment below letting us know what do you think of this new feature. Does it make monitoring your health easier? Got anything to add to our recommendations ? Let us know !

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  • Tyler

    Any word on when this will be coming to the Android app?

  • Bastien

    Hi Tyler, the Withings app is available and updated on the Android Market :

  • Dioni

    Is there a Windows Phone 7 app in the works? Any ETA?

  • David

    I really like the App. The scale is, I suppose, as good as these things can be, but it is maddeningly frustrating to see body fat changes from day to day that cannot be accurate even though measurements consistently taken from day to day (and sometimes fluctuating from minute to minute).

    It would be great if, in the next update, the data on the iPad would list more than date, weight adn fat%. It is also important to me (and others) to see at a glance what the Lean Body Mass is. There is enough room on that screen (in landscape mode) to also display weekly changes in fat, weight and lbm, which would also be a big plus.

    It would also be nice to be able to graphically see the fat, lean mass and total weight on a single graph, or, if that is too hard, to have the option of picking what two measurements we want to see, rather than being forced to display weight and choosing between fat and lean.

  • Fred Dettler

    I’ve been using the Withings scale and iphone app for a few weeks and just added the blood pressure monitor this week and I think its just fantastic!

  • Bastien

    Thanks for your feedback Fred :)

  • Brian

    I got both the Withings scale and blood pressure monitor and I think both are incredibly well made machines. The App is great too. It would be better, however, if it can also display the average of all the measurements within a specified time span. I wonder if this is a planned feature.

  • Bastien

    Hi Dioni, at the moment we don’t offer a Windows Phone 7 app, but check out e.g. our partner Vidaone, they might be of use to you

  • Bastien

    Hi David, thank you for your interesting suggestions! Concerning your problem with the accuracy of your measurements, please contact us via this site and make sure you select the topic “I have a question concerning my product (already purchased). Please don’t hesitate to share your insigths on the blog, they are very useful to us!

  • Dan Bello

    Can my Withings data be automatically downloaded to “myfitnesspal,” as it can for Loseit!

  • Bastien

    Hi Dan, at the moment there’s no partnership between Withings and Myfitnesspal, but we are looking into the matter.

  • Dioni

    Looks good, but I use for food tracking. I like having both my workouts/runs and food tracking in the same place, but not having to pay $40 for an app to get it. I’d rather pay $10/yr and have everything on the web, not have to worry about the data, backups, etc.

  • Ben

    Is there something like WiScale for Mac Desktop? Something small (menubar) would be pretty nice.

  • Bastien

    Hi Ben, there’s no application for the Mac Desktop, only for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as you just need to log on to your profile, but you could always create a shortcut to the Withings log-on site and place it on your desktop.

  • Carol-Ann

    I have the Blood pressure monitor and I think it is very convenient and easy to use. However, there is one feature I could not find and that is the ability to delete specific readings.

  • Bastien

    Hi Carol-ann, if you want to delete a measurement on the application, here’s the procedure: In the upper right corner there’s a +. When you touch the +, the option “manual entry” appears. Select this and press “ok” twice and then you will see a trash can symbol next to the +. Now you can delete the measurements you want. If you wan’t to delete it on your dashboard, you’ll see a trash can symbol in the right lower corner, when you click on the specific measurement that you want to delete. Hope this was helpful!

  • Withings

    Hello Alan, thank you so much for your kind words! Concerning your question, we have included that feature in the new version of our app, which is scheduled to be released in June. You can check out our relative blog post to learn more about the new app :