The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor has been awarded the iF Product Design Award

We are very proud to announce that the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor have been chosen by the International Forum Design to receive the iF product design award 2012. The iF product design award was introduced in 1954 and rewards products that distinguish themselves by their design, their ergonomics, their functionality, and their degree of innovation.

This award validates our vision for connected healthcare design. We believe connected health devices should be as easy to use possible, because they are meant to be used frequently by their owners, and they simply won’t be if they are too obtrusive or too bothersome to operate. We believe also that since they are used at home, their design should be pleasing to the eye and home-friendly.

Of course this is the opinion of the experts and we all know they can be wrong sometimes. What do you think about the design of Withings devices? Do you have any suggestion for improvement?

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  • Withings

    Dear Michael,
    We chose to make the blood pressure monitor compatible only with Apple devices because it allowed us to make it extremely simple to use. Apple provides services such as the recognition of the BPM by all iOS devices and the automatic download of the Withings app that are not available on other platforms at the time. We are nonetheless keeping a close watch on the evolution of the capabilities of all smartphones and computers on the market, and if the technology and standards emerge that would allow us to offer a similar experience on other devices, we will consider making a new version of the blood pressure monitor compatible with more platforms.

  • Withings

    Hi, thank you for your comment. We’re looking into making it compatible with Android. We don’t expect to include a USB adapter.

  • Withings

    Hello Keshsuresh, no this is unfortunately not possible, you must plug it into an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to use it.

  • Withings

    Hello and thank you for your message!
    a. You can delete any measure, manual or otherwise. On the mobile app, tap the bin button at the top right of the screen when in portrait mode. In,

    b. Indeed that is not possible at the moment but we will see about including it in a future update.

    c. You cannot add notes to BP readings on the Withings app at the moment, but that feature will be added in the next update. In the meantime, you can try using iBP, one of our partner apps, that you can link with your Withings account (through iBP’s settings screen) and that offers this feature.
    Thank you for your kind words and for your suggestions!