Testimonials: with Withings and MyFitnessPal

Here are some MyFitnessPal testimonials sent to us by Withingers who were nice enough to share their experience (something we really like at Withings!). Have a read. Who knows? You too could boost your self-tracking adventure by syncing your Withings and MFP accounts!

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Connected health monthly mash-up #11

Wireless device can detect anemia
Glasswing is a wireless medical device that can detect anemia and hemorrhage in a non-invasive way. It is capable of identifying hemoglobin levels without using a needle, only by measuring the light that is transmitted through the patient’s finger. The device has already been shown in two separate trials and the results have been extremely promising. Read more

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Health innovations that could help overcome disabilities

Millions of people worldwide have some form of physical disability. Thankfully, groups of scientists are constantly working on new health information technologies and health innovations to improve the everyday lives of people living with these conditions, so today let’s see some of the most recent studies in this area! Read more

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An app to quantify each aspect of your life

In this week’s article, we present to you a comprehensive guide of mobile phone apps that we hope will help you track the kind of data that matters to you. Here are some of the best and newest apps that we examined for you: Read more

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Quantifying Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the nervous system that is estimated to have touched more than 6,3 million people worldwide. Unfortunately, until now causes of Parkinson’s remain unknown and that is why numerous research teams from all over the world are continuously trying to find new treatment methods and innovative ways to gather more data and better understand the disease. Read more

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Connected health monthly mash-up #10

New use of the iPad in the operating room
Gaus Surgical Inc. has created a medical platform which uses the iPad to measure blood loss during surgery. Right now anesthesiologists measure blood loss visually, a process that can be imprecise and therefore cause significant problems for the patient’s health. The new platform uses the iPad to scan surfaces that are covered in blood, such as pieces of gauze, and sends them to the cloud. They are then processed by special algorithms that estimate the amount of blood present in each image. Read more

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