The best fitness apps to help you get in shape before summer!

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get in shape for the holidays! If you have a busy schedule and you prefer working out on your own, why not turn your smartphone into your personal trainer? We have picked here the best fitness apps to help you achieve your goals!
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Connected health monthly mash-up #8

iBrain Headband can read your thoughts
iBrain is a simple-looking headband that was created by the American company NeuroVigil. When worn around the head, this headband can analyze brain waves and gather data that can then be used to provide medical diagnoses. According to the research team that created it, iBrain will eventually be able to allow people to communicate just by thinking. The groundbreaking device could offer some hope to people diagnosed with neurodegenerative conditions, such as renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who already agreed to participate in the project. Read more

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The best tools to help you keep track of your time!

We have already examined various sides of the self-tracking movement, such as moodtracking or lifelogging. Could tracking our daily tasks also help our professional lives by enhancing our productivity? If you are one of the people who struggle to stay away from Facebook or other time-consuming websites in order to complete your real tasks, or if you always leave your to-do lists half finished, time-tracking tools may be a great solution to your problems!

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Self-tracking against mood disorders

We have already talked about tracking your weight, heart rate, sleep or physical activity in order to improve your health… but what about your emotions? Could self-tracking be used to help people who are suffering from mood disorders?

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Connected objects join the fight against childhood obesity

During the past few years, the levels of childhood obesity have been increasing at an alarming rate in Europe and the US, mostly because of the spread of children’s consumption of junk food  and of sedentary lifestyles. Video games, television, unhealthy family eating habits are just some of the factors that push children in becoming overweight or obese. Recently, various efforts have been made in order to include technological innovations in the fight against childhood obesity and, thankfully, the results appear more than promising.

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Connected health monthly mash-up #6

Dr. Google will see you now
Are you feeling a little under the weather? Do you have a mysterious pain or your stomach feels a little weird? Google just launched a new research service that you can use to learn about possible causes and conditions that are related to your symptoms. Obviously, the users of this service are reminded that the results they get are generated by algorithms and they do not in any way replace a medical opinion!

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