The Withings WiFi Body Scale can tweet your weight (only if you want to…)!

November 10, 2009

You’ve just started a diet or a sport activity and you reckon on your friend’s support to help you reach your ideal weight or you just want the entire world to know how much you weigh today?
–> It’s definitely possible thanks to our new Twitter feature !

Every user can decide to enable the Twitter feature or not. From your web dashboard, just click on the “share” panel located on the top of the screen (next to the info panel) and then enter your twitter account information.

Your account will tweet how close you are from your objectives (if you have set objectives) or simply your weight.
You can customize your tweets by adding a message at the end. If you want to do so, be aware that Twitter updates have a maximun number of characters. You will have to take this limit into account when writing your personnal comment.

You can choose to tweet : every weigh-in / 1 once a day / 1 once a week

You don’t want all your followers to read your weight? Just enter a new twitter account instead of your regular one and then give this account to the people you want to share your weight with.


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