The Withings Body Scale can communicate with your RunKeeper account

January 13, 2010

We are really pleased to announce that you can now store and consult each of your weigh-ins (weight, fat mass, lean mass) directly on your RunKeeper account.

For those of you that don’t know RunKeeper yet, it’s an amazing free iPhone application that allows you to:

  • track your fitness activities (distance, time, speed, pace, calories burned,…) using the iPhone GPS capabilities
  • monitor your progress on a personal web dashboard
  • and share your success on Facebook and Twitter

We have worked with the guys from RunKeeper to integrate the Body Scale data to their website and the result in very interesting since RunKeeper will soon release a FitnessReport feature that will be able to see how your body analysis data correlates with other metrics like weekly running distances, pace per mile/km, etc.

But how to set it up?

It’s very simple, just go to the settings tabs from your RunKeeper account and then click on “Body Measurements”. Then you just have to enter your Withings credentials in the dedicated text boxes and that’s it!

Ps : don’t forget to wait at least 3 hours after your fitness activity to weigh in for accurate body analysis measurements


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