Withings WiFi Body Scale Becoming a Platform for Online Health Service Providers

January 25, 2010

Since its release, we have taken additional steps in expanding the WiFi Body Scale connectivity by sharing its platform with a growing number of partners. Due to the scale’s built in ability to receive updates wirelessly and seamlessly, we have been able to partner with many popular websites that focus on coaching and fitness.

To date, we have partnered with various websites like :

  • DailyBurn.com and its 350,000 members
  • RunKeeper.com that has had over 900,000 iTunes app downloads
  • FitOrbit.com
  • Gymtechnik.com.

By offering this added connectivity to these popular fitness sites, we can provide the scale’s users with more outlets to track their progress.

The Withings Wifi Body Scale allows users of these sites to seamlessly upload their body weight, lean & fat mass, and calculated body mass index (BMI) to the sites. No longer will users need to login to these individual sites just to record their weight, all they need to do is step on the scale and it’s done for them.

For the first time ever, a solitary product that is confined to a bathroom floor, now can integrate with a multitude of lifestyle websites !

Check out our partners on http://www.withings.com/en/bodyscale/sharing
And our “How To” videos” for Dailyburn and RunKeeper


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