Tracking to Refuel: The Inside Story (Part 1 of 2)

May 14, 2010

For people willing to watch their workout progress, their health and their nutrition at the same time, a solution exists. It’s called TrainingPeaks.

 It’s an online software dedicated to training, motivation and progress. This website offers numerous possibilities. For instance, you can access a calendar to plan your training program, analyze your efforts, see expert piece of advise, track your daily metrics, share your routes and exercises with the other members, watch your nutrition, etc…

Withings and TrainingPeaks just built a partnership to synchronize their data. It is now possible to consult your weight and fat mass measurements directly in your TrainingPeaks account and thus better understand how your workout directly impacts your weight. You can watch it on the online calendar and/or use the “daily metrics” pod on the TrainingPeaks dashboard.

To learn how to link your TrainingPeaks with your Withings scale, please refer to our sharing page.


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