Tracking to Refuel: The Inside Story (Part 2 of 2)

May 19, 2010

Good news! Withings just built a new partnership with the winning award iPhone app iBody! Developed by the German company iHanWel, this app is famous for gathering all your body information in one place: weight, body measurement, blood pressure and all the other body values.

Furthermore, iBody has a fitness journal and a GPS tracking module to track the distance you cover at each workout. Your iPhone becomes your personal health advisor. A demo video is available, so that you can really see the potential of this app.

Now, with the Withings scale integration, it’s possible to get your weight directly from your scale onto your iPhone. To learn how to link your Withings account with iBody, check out our sharing page.
The free version of iBody, I lose Weight, is also compatible with the Withings scale.


At Withings, we make a range of products that empower people to make the right decisions for their health. Our award-winning connected devices are known for personalization, cutting-edge design, and ease of use, allowing anyone to measure, monitor, and track what matters via seamless connection to the free Health Mate app available for iOS & Android.
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