Tracking to Refuel: The Inside Story (Part 2 of 2)

June 10, 2010

Some of you asked us to change the default message the scale currently tweets (by introducing fat mass or lean mass or the difference since the last weigh-in, etc…).

We have two requirements here : we want to keep it simple and user-friendly.
We believe that enabling fully customizable tweets will be to confusing for most of the users and adding too many variables in the tweets will let you with no place to make a personal comment (because of the 140 characters rule).

In order to keep it simple and user-friendly and also in order to implicate you in the decision, we’d like to have your opinion about the following propositions.

Let’s take an example : I just get my Withings scale and following my first weigh-in (180 lbs) I decide to start a diet to lose some weight. Thus on my Withings account, I enable the objective feature (see this post) to 170 lbs. The week after that, I weigh myself in and I get 178 lbs. Another week after, I weigh myself in and I get 177lbs. What would you like to see on Twitter :

Of course if you haven’t set up any weight objective, you’ll only get your weight (and potentially the difference with your last weigh-in).

ps : Don’t forget to answer the new poll of the month on the right side of the blog. It’s very important to us 😉


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