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September 27, 2011

Ten predictions for the mobile health market
MobiHealthNews has compiled a list of ten predictions for the next five years of mobile health including forecast for both consumers and businesses. Their focus is remote patient monitoring via devices and mobile applications and how these will improve internal workflow and ensure higher efficiency. Their assumption is that in a three-years’ time, the market for mobile health apps will be more than ten times bigger than today. Also, Wi-Fi embedded consumer devices will rapidly make their way into professional settings. A stunning 500,000 shipments of blood pressure monitors will supposedly be reached by 2013. An astonishing future for health care! Read more here.

mHealth and Data: 88 Percent of Doctors Want Patients to Track Their Health at Home
According to the Wall Street Journal, eighty-eight percent of doctors would like to see their patients track their vital health data at home. More and more devices help people measuring their heartbeat, blood sugar, weight, and making those measurements at home can help improve people’s health. The problem however is how this information is stored. AT&T has accordingly created an mHealth Platform to help bridge the gap between health and mobility and to help people better control and access their health information. Read more here.

Monitoring Patients Using Intelligent T-Shirts
We see many amazing innovations in health care. One of the latest creations is this Intelligent T-shirt, developed by scientists at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. The t-shirt monitors human body functions such as temperature and heart rate using a wireless e-textile technology. It also locates patients within the hospital and even displays vital signs and even shows whether the patient is lying down, sitting, running or walking, all in real-time. Read more here.

iPad App Replaces Paper Patient Checkin Forms
Health care providers can now customize patient check-ins thanks to the iPad application OnPatient, an electronic health record (EHR) created by Drchrono. With this application, patients can input their personal, demographic and insurance information, take a profile photo, review medications and allergies, and thus automatically keep their records updated. Read more here.

How Moms Use Smartphones for Health Info
A study indicates that women today not only say that they are more comfortable with technology than they were a year ago but that they also are more active than men in mobile applications such as gaming and social networking. Studies have also showed that 51% percent of moms who own smartphones have downloaded more than 16 apps to their phone as of March 2011. Moms are also more inclined to download medical-related smartphone apps than women without children. Read more here.


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