With Withings and Panasonic, you now have a chance to be on TV!

October 21, 2011

With the Withings app, you can follow your data on your computer, on your iPhone and on Android platforms. That’s pretty much anywhere right? Actually there is one more screen where we thought it would be cool to see your graphs: your TV screen!

This is why we partnered with Panasonic and their VIERA Connect Smart TV platform to integrate the Withings scale. Any Withings user who also owns a Panasonic TV that supports VIERA Connect can simply install the Withings app from the VIERA Market’s Health and Fitness section and, after inputting their Withings login credentials, they will be able to see their weight and fat mass graphs right on their TV.

Viera Connect also supports a few other health devices, such as the BodyMedia armband that tracks your activity and the calories you burn.

The Withings VIERA app has been available in Europe and in North America for a while, and it is now available in Japan as well. Your graphs have never looked better than on your high-definition LCD or plasma screen!


At Withings, we make a range of products that empower people to make the right decisions for their health. Our award-winning connected devices are known for personalization, cutting-edge design, and ease of use, allowing anyone to measure, monitor, and track what matters via seamless connection to the free Health Mate app available for iOS & Android.
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