The era of digital moms

November 24, 2011

In our time, moms are juggling between work, family, friends, and interests. New technologies and social media help them managing it all. The mom’s have thus fully integrated the digital universe into her daily life routines.

Definition of a digital mom
But what is the definition of a digital mom? It is a mom who connects to the Internet at least once a week. She is techno-savvy and well-versed in social media, which help her through her busy schedule between work and taking care of what’s best for her family. She’s blogging, photo sharing, tweeting, and texting throughout the day. She is a multitasker who connects with various communities and uses smartphone apps to simplify everyday life, to express herself, and to meet others with similar interests. Digital moms cannot be ignored; a study by Razorfish and Cafemom shows that 84% of US online moms are digital moms and KR media has shown that 64% of French moms under 50 are digital moms.

What devices, apps, and media does the digital mom use?
There is a wide range of apps developed for the digital mom. Here are some examples of what helps the digital mom through her everyday tasks besides the before mentioned technologies.

With Grocery Gadget, she manages her shopping lists from either her smartphone or computer via her account. In that way she always has access to her shopping list, which she can divide into categories and brands. The app imports ingredients from recipes, registers the order in which she’s shopping, helps her keep track of what she’s spending, and allows her to share her lists with other people.

With Zenanny, the French digital mom can browse through nanny profiles for free and see who’s available in her neighbourhood – even last minute. The profiles show the nannies’ pictures, qualifications, and references.

Fever Alert gives her advices of what to do when her child are ill according to the child’s age, weight, medical background and temperature. While she should be aware that this doesn’t replace a doctor’s visit, it helps her understand whether or not it’s urgent to see a doctor.
When the digital mom is at the physician’s office she is able to explain to him the health history of her entire family thanks to iHealthTrax. This app allows her to track symptoms and medications on a calendar, so she knows exactly how many days her child has been coughing and therefore can deduce which family member spread the flu to the others in the family.

With our Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, she can track how her baby’s weight evolves, and the Smart Baby Monitor (only available in Europe for now) helps her better follow her baby’s comfort, as she can watch, monitor and interact with her baby through her iOS device no matter where she is.

To those of you who are moms, would you define yourself as a digital mom? How would you describe your digital behavior?

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