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January 16, 2012

Dear Withings users,

Our server host is currently experiencing an unusually high number of requests. As a result, access to your dashboard can become slow or impossible. Please note that the safety of your personal data is not affected in any way by this attack.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working to resume normal service as soon as possible on the Withings dashboard and applications. You can check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for further updates.

EDIT January 17th at 1:00 pm GMT: The malicious attack is now over. However, we are doing maintenance on our systems and access to the dashboard will remain difficult in the next few hours.

EDIT January 17th at 6:30 pm GMT: Maintenance of our service is still in progress. We have restored access to the dashboard but you may experience some slowness. Nevertheless, you should be able to access your weight and blood pressure data from the Withings mobile apps.

Susie Felber

Susie is a writer and producer who has worked in nearly every medium. As the daughter of a hard-working M.D., she's had a lifelong interest in health and is proud that she continues to lower her 5k time as she ages.
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