The Smart Baby Monitor comes to the US rich with new features

March 8, 2012

Last week, the Smart Baby Monitor was finally released in the US. We have already talked at length about the main product features and you can always find them all described in detail on our website, so the purpose of this article will be to focus on the new features we have added since the monitor was launched in Europe in November 2011.

You can now set a timer for 3, 15, 30 or 60 minutes

–          Better image quality in low-light. When lighting conditions are normal, the Smart Baby Monitor displays a full-color image. When it gets dark, it switches to a black-and-white infrared picture. We have improved what happens in-between to offer a crisp, clear color image even with dim lighting.

–          An additional lullaby. After the poll we made on the blog, Beethoven’s For Elise was chosen as the fifth lullaby you can play to baby.

–          Lullaby and night light timer. You can now put a timer on the night light, the lullaby playback or both together. Touch the lullaby and night light buttons on the main screen several times to cycle through the different options.

–          Rainbow-style night light. You can set the night light to cycle through all colors indefinitely instead of setting just one.

All those features are available to users of the Smart Baby Monitor everywhere. Be sure to keep the WithBaby app up to date to enable them. We’ll continue to work to add even more functionalities to the monitor, including the Android compatibility that we know many people are expecting.

What about you, is there any particular feature you’d like to see?

Susie Felber

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