Welcome to the Wireless Scale! The easiest weight tracking solution

September 4, 2012

We are proud to unveil Wireless Scale WS-30. It represents the next generation of Withings Internet-connected scales. Monitoring your weight has never been so easy with Wireless Scale and the Withings Health Companion app.

We believe it’s the perfect “device-app” combination to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

How does the Wireless Scale provide the easiest weight-tracking experience?

  1. By creating a seamless weighing process (PC-free set up, wireless connectivity, automated data storing).
  2. By making it easy to set weekly goals.
  3. By letting you assess the state of your health in a glance (the Health Companion butterfly).
  4. By keeping you motivated through contextual messages and push notifications.

A few facts about Wireless Scale WS-30

  • Measures weight and BMI (Body Mass Index).
  • Connects easily either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Set up is extremely easy, entirely PC-free.
  • Access you data through the new free Withings Health Companion app.
  • Available late September 2012 in Europe from Withings.
  • Recommended retail price: €119.95.


A few reasons to love the Wireless Scale

  • It’s all white! I love white things.
  • It is wirelessly connected, which is unusual for a scale.
  • It’s the most simple and fun act of self tracking.
  • PC-free setup! You’ll just need a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Bluetooth means it doesn’t matter if your WiFi is down, or if you are traveling!
  • There’s a way to get notified when it will be available in my region!
  • Its recommended retail price: €119.95.

A few links about the Wireless Scale

  • We created a Pinterest board for the WS-30.
  • Here’s the WS-30 Facebook Photo album.
  • For a complete list of features, please read the PDF linked here.
  • To subscribe to get an email when the Wireless Scale will be available in your region, please submit your you email address here.
  • Here’s the official video of the Wireless Scale:






  • The WS-30 doesn’t replace the existing WBS01 scale, which is still available.
  • The numerous features of the Wi-Fi Body Scale (WBS01) make it our flagship model.


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