Pinterest pinning frenzy: vote for the cutest baby

Pinterest pinning frenzy: vote for the cutest baby

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The time to submit your photos is over. Now it’s time to share, to like, to repin and to spread the word out. Which one do you think is the cutest baby? Please take a minute to check out the finalists, and to repin the photo of your favorite little one.

Here are the contestants


Photo: Tom Stukel


Photo: Thomas Linhardt

Photo: Thomas Linhardt

Photo: Kathrin Eingrüber

Photo: Janine-Jessner

Photo: Janine-Jessner

Photo: Isabelle Morasse

Photo: Helen Small

Photo: Helen Small

Photo: Helen Small


Photo by Elijah Nicolas

Photo: Heidi Grundschober

Photo: Роман Исаев (not part of the photo contest)

Photo: Pauline (not part of the photo contest)

Go to our Pinterest profile here and repin the photos that you like.


For more info about the Smart Baby Monitor, click here and here.


Even after the end of the photo contest, photos keep coming in!



Photo: Ryan Howlett.

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