Withingers tell it like it is (testimonials)

October 3, 2012

Last June, we ran a survey among the Withings Facebook fans to know more about the satisfactions, needs and habits of the persons actually using our products. We learned a lot. After we had analysed all this feedback, we were even more grateful to read the testimonials many of you took the time to leave at the end of the survey. A big “Thank you” to you, our customers. May we call you “Withingers“?



“Gently stepping on my Withings Wi-Fi scale is my everyday very first ‘task’. Since I’m using it, I really can follow up my weight evolution and it’s been an incentive in taking better care of my health.”

Damien D. (Belgium)




“I keep a long-term log of my weight using my Withings scale.
It really helped me to lose a good deal of weight.”

Douglas L. (USA)









“Great product. The whole family uses it and everything is instantly logged in.”

Roy D. (USA)






“I’m really pleased with my scale. I used it a lot when I was preparing my second marathon. Now I’m using it with my girlfriend to keep my weight steady. Nice design, nice application that come with it, nothing to complain about. Nice work Withings.”

Florian B. (France)







“A brilliant way to control your weight. Facing the scales every morning gives quick feedback, positive or negative on the previous days activity or diet. The negative feedback inspires one to control eating or more exercise. Before I purchased these Withing scales and the associated software my weight was regrettably increasing with age, now with the encouragement of seeing the graph slowly but surely descending I find it a great incentive to persist.  Thanks a lot.”

Richard S. (UK)



“When my husband told me he bought me a new weighing scale, I thought it was just another boring body scale. When the parcel arrived I thought it was just another Apple product that my husband had purchased. A body scale that is Wi-Fi connected?  How cool is that? I really love the fact that it keeps track of each and every weigh-in, and you know how you progress in the graphs presented. I now know what fat and lean masses are, apart from your weight and BMI.”

Norizan A. (Malaysia)


Susie Felber

Susie is a writer and producer who has worked in nearly every medium. As the daughter of a hard-working M.D., she's had a lifelong interest in health and is proud that she continues to lower her 5k time as she ages.
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