Using the iPhone 5 with the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

October 11, 2012

Here’s a short video of our Smart Blood Pressure Monitor being used with an iPhone 5, thanks to the “30-pin to Lightning” adapter. Just plug Apple‘s adapter onto the old 30-pin connector and into the Lightning connector, at the bottom of the iPhone 5. It’s as simple as that!


Just plug it!

Apple’s Lightning adapter

If you have an iPhone 5, no need to wait for an updated version of our BP monitor (SBPM). The only thing to do is to buy the adapter ($29) and plug it in between the iPhone 5 and the SBPM. Other than that, everything is the same.



Step by step instructions

You can track your blood pressure as quickly as you did on your iPhone 4, following the same easy steps:

  1. Go to the “Home” screen of your iPhone 5.
  2. Plug the cable of the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor into the iPhone 5 (don’t forget to interpose Apple’s Lightning adapter).
  3. The app launches automatically.
  4. Tap on the green “Start” button. The BP reading starts.

Our apps are iPhone compatible too

Both the WiScale and the Health Companion app work with the iPhone 5.


Susie Felber

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