Position Control™ – for the most accurate weigh ins

October 23, 2012

When you are thinking of buying a bathroom scale, the first logical criterion to consider is accuracy. But can your position affect the result? Here’s what to know.

Of course the precision of any scale depends firstly on the quality of its weighing sensors. But at Withings, we wanted to go one step beyond, to guarantee an undisputable result. This is why we came up with Position Control, and incorporated it in our smart scales.

Why is Position Control essential?
Not standing right on a bathroom scale is a common reason for mismeasurement. Even leaning a little bit on your toes or heels, or to the side, can distort the measurement. The weight displayed might be higher or lower than your real weight. But how can we be sure that we are not leaning too much? How do we know that we have to move our feet? This is where the Position Control technology comes in.
Why do you need to know if you are standing correctly on a bathroom scale?
All bathroom scales are calibrated while they are still in the factory where they were manufactured. During this process, a test weight is placed onto the scale, in the center. The scales are therefor calibrated for weigh ins that are centrally positioned. Once you are using the scale at home, it is important to stand right on top of it for the best accuracy. Position Control is made to determine the right position.

If you see the little arrow in the bottom left-hand corner, move your left foot more to the center of the scale.
If you see the little arrow in the top right-hand corner, move your right foot more to the center of the scale.
If you don’t see any arrow, you are in a correct position. The scale will now start weighing you.

Try this at home
What happens if you stand on a Withings smart scale and lean? Please try this at home! You’ll see… It detects the leaning and lets you know. The bathroom scale uses arrows – displayed in the corners of its screen – to show you:

  • Which direction you are leaning too much towards (the arrow appears in the corresponding corner of the screen).
  • Which direction you should move your weigh towards by leaning or by moving your feet for the most accurate weigh in (the direction in which the arrow points).

Take this into account and lean in the opposite direction, or move your feet until the arrow(s) disappear. When there are no more arrows, you know that you are in a proper position.
A patented technology
The Position Control™ technology is a significant advantage. From what we know no other brand has integrated an equivalent system. They simply don’t warn you when you don’t stand correctly.


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