New Year Resolutions: Charlotte Consorti, World Champion, tells us how to keep them

February 26, 2013

Charlotte Consorti, 2012 Speed Kitesurfing World Champion, was kind enough to share her advice on how ​​to stay concentrated on your goals and keep your New Year Resolutions. Here are a few tips to fight the “oh so humane” tendency to loose sight of what we really want and spare your motivation in the process. The best part? You’ll get to say “I learned it from a World Champion”!


TIP #1

Set realistic goals with increments

If you want to start jogging don’t immediately start with a full 1 hour. Run 10 minutes, then walk 10 minutes. Gradually increase the duration. For example, the next day, you could run 12 minutes then walk 8 minutes, etc.





TIP #2

Make the most of new technologies

Whether it’s a gadget, an app or a software, I advise you to gear up to follow your results and track your performances. It’s important to see your progress chart to stay motivated! This is why I “write down” all my workouts on apps – running, weight-lifting… More recently I’ve also began to train on a bike.

At first I was struggling to keep going for 10 minutes. Then, each new session, I increased the duration. Now I easily ride it 1 hour and I try to improve my speed. I need this as I’m aiming at the 50 knots limit on my kitesurf!

I use the RunKeeper application to enter all my sessions. It allows me to monitor my fitness. In addition, the app automatically sends me a mail of encouragement when I score a new record performance!

These last few years the Withings scale has been helpful to be more aware of my weight and my body composition (thanks to electrical impedence). Being able to visualize the weight history and the evolutions of the fat/lean ratio enabled me to improve my trainings.


TIP #3

Have fun
Choose a sport that you love. It’s not all about the gym and jogging! There are many other fun sports: dancing, boxing, tennis, roller skating… If you want to stay in shape, or grow your muscles, nothing is more effective than having fun while doing it. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, you will not hold up to the realization of your good New Year Resolution.




TIP #4

Aim for consistency rather than quantity
Better go do sports once a week, than 4 times a week, then nothing for a month. It is best to set a day and time slot for your activity. This is a good way to meet your commitment and achieve your New Year resolution.





TIP #5

Follow your instincts

What works for some will not work for others: do not compare yourself to others too much. Plan your efforts according to your feelings and your desires. We each have our own qualities and morphotype – it’s your job to find yours, and make the most of them.

Personally I do not like endurance sports (in which I do not excel anyway). I rarely run more than an hour. I prefer to make small 40-minutes-max jogging sessions, from time to time.


TIP #6

Gear up!

Invest in good shoes, a good tennis racket… Indulge yourself by purchasing equipment that suits you – because it’s motivating! As soon as I have a new wing or a new board I’m ready to go to the water to test it! Even if it is -10 degrees Celcius!






TIP #7

Create a team

Find one or more partners to practice a sport: you’ll be able to seek help and get support to stay motivate. One of you will always be super hyped, and will motivate the other in case of a decrease of your energy. When faced with an objective we are always stronger together!


An article written by Charlotte Consorti, 2012 Speed Kitesurfing World Champion.

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